Product features

One of the first models to focus on technical aspects in addition to aesthetics, the RS series is back from the archives of the '80s - this time with "X" for extravagance. The 2020 model has been recreated with extra and exaggerated, simple and severe material mixes, stylish silhouettes and futuristic flair. With cool color combinations and rich textural variance, this flawless iteration is no exception.


Technicial Specifications


PU midsole: PUMA's polyurethane midsole helps with a soft foot step for comfortable use and a futuristic look
Running System (RS): PUMA's comfortable cushioning technology enables the reinvention of a unique moment and movement in culture.
Mesh surface with suede, leather and synthetic surfaces
Lace-up closure for a snug fit
Rubber outsole
RS-2K brand in language

Puma Rs-X³ Layers Wn S

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